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What is the difference between AquaLyte and Ionyte?
AquaLyte makes the ideal drinking water. It makes water more alkaline, antioxidant, and structured, through the infusion of a vast array of ionic minerals into the water. Ionyte gives us the organic complexes missing from our foods because of modern farming practices. Plus it is “energized”, providing “energy”, which also supports good health. The two together put into water will help give your body the right kind of water you need.

How much water should I drink daily according to my body weight?
Proper hydration: Health experts say children and adults should drink about half their body weight in ounces of water daily. Body weight will determine whether you should drink 1, 2, 3, or 4 quarts of AquaLyte and Ionyte water a day. For example, a person weighing 200 lbs. would need 3 quarts a day. It’s best not to share out of the same container if each person wants to keep up with how much they are personally drinking. All drinking water should be treated with AquaLyte and Ionyte.

What is the best water to use?
Best results: Start with any kind of filtered water. Best choice is distilled or reverse osmosis, which is void of minerals. Water without minerals will absorb more AquaLyte minerals. The AquaLyte minerals will not fully dissolve, but ions of minerals will be drawn into the water and make molecular changes to that water. The Ionyte is already in liquid form, and instantly becomes part of the water.
Tap water: AquaLyte sachets will neutralize chlorine, but you may need to use an extra sachet if making AquaLyte water with tap water. It’s best to start with already filtered water, preferably distilled or reverse osmosis.
Bacteria in water: The AquaLyte sachet has added silver to help kill bacteria in water.
Water ionizers: Set the ionizer to neutral or clean water. AquaLyte works best if the water is not already made alkaline. Ionyte can be added to water already made alkaline.

How much AquaLyte and Ionyte should I use and how do I make the water?
Minimum use: Add one sachet (mini-bag) of Aqualyte to a half-gallon of water, along with 4 half-droppers of Ionyte. Or if making a gallon size container double the amount of product….adding 2 sachets and 8 half-droppers. DO NOT start with any container larger than a gallon. The volume of water will be too large, and even with extra sachets, all the water may not get treated.
Instructions: Add Aqualyte and Ionyte to the water, shake well, wait 30 minutes, shake again before drinking. After the second shaking, you can pour the treated water into any size container to drink or to carry with you, leaving the sachet behind in the bigger original container. Drink half your body weight in ounces of AquaLyte and Ionyte water daily.
Note: Trapped air will cause the sachet to float. Twisting the paper at one end before adding to the water, will prevent an air pocket from forming. The treated water may be refrigerated or kept at room temperature.

Can I reuse a sachet?
Sachets will not release minerals a second time once they have been placed in water. You can allow them to accumulate for 1 week before removing them. Dry them on a paper towel if you plan on reusing them for pets or plants. See additional instructions below.

How can I achieve faster results?
Doubling up for increased effectiveness: Adults: Starting second week, increase the amount of AquaLyte and Ionyte from 1 sachet and 4-half droppers per half-gallon, to 2 sachets and 8 half-droppers per half-gallon. For a gallon container, increase to 4 sachets and 16 half-droppers. Try to drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily.
Note: Your body is about 70% water. The idea is to replace the water currently in your body with AquaLyte and Ionyte water. Better water means better health.

What about children and infants?
Infants: First week - Add 1 sachet of Aqualyte to a gallon of water. Second week - Add 1 sachet of Aqualyte to a half-gallon. Ionyte needs to be added separately to each feeding bottle. Ionyte only contains trace amounts of its ingredients, so it is safe even for infants, but the amount needs to be adjusted for size. Infants being bottle fed can have 1 or 2 tiny drops out of the dropper, per feeding bottle. Be careful to only use individual tiny drops and not half-droppers.
Children 10 and under: First week - Add 1 sachet of Aqualyte and 4 half-droppers of Ionyte to a gallon of water. Second week - Add 1 sachet and 4 half-droppers to a half-gallon. Store water in refrigerator to keep it fresh unless used within a couple of days.
Children over 10 years old: Add 1 sachet and 4 half-droppers to a half-gallon of water.

What about Pets?
Adult pets: Follow minimum dilution for adults. Pets should have water available always.
Puppies and kittens: Follow instructions for children under 10 years old.
Note: For small pets that have their own container, store water in refrigerator to keep fresh longer.

Can I take the Aqualyte and Ionyte separately?
Taking both products together is ideal, however they can be taken separately to help stretch them out if finances are an issue. This can be helpful especially if the person needs to drink more water because of body weight or if they are taking extra product to achieve faster results. Make 1 half-gallon with the AquaLyte and 1 half-gallon with the Ionyte. Alternate from one container to another. For example a person weighing 200 lbs. would need 3 quarts of water a day. So, they would finish one half-gallon completely, but have one quart remaining in the other half-gallon, which they would finish the next day. Once a container is empty, go ahead and make up another one, so it will be ready later when you need it.

Can I open and split a sachet?
Smaller containers: Tear open one end of the sachet and pinch with your thumbnail to release part of the minerals loose into a smaller container such as a 16 oz. bottle. Twist the paper to save the leftovers. Be careful to not drink the granules with the last sips. They won’t hurt you, but can get caught in-between your teeth. Then add one half-dropper of Ionyte to the 16 oz. bottle.

Are there any side effects?
Detox: It’s rare, but there can be “detox” effects as your body is being cleansed of toxins; such as a mild headache, or diarrhea. If you feel any annoying discomfort, dilute in more water for the first week, putting 1 sachet and 4 half-droppers into a gallon of water. Return to normal dilution after one week. Noticeable detox is a good sign the product is helping. Note: Since it is only trace amounts of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, Ionyte is very safe and virtually without side effects. However, Ionyte helps support healthy energy levels, so if you have trouble sleeping, avoid taking just before bed.

Are there other uses for new and used sachets?
Fish: Open a new sachet and pour into your fish tank.
Dogs, Cats, Birds, and other pets: In addition to putting AquaLyte in pet’s water, you can open a new or used sachet and sprinkle a tiny amount directly on their food, like lightly peppering something. Twist the paper sachet to save the rest for another time. Dogs and cats have more acid in their stomachs than humans and therefore they can eat the coral and utilize the minerals that way.
Plants: In addition to watering plants, sprinkle used sachets on the soil of your house plants.

Can Ionyte be added to other drinks?
You can put Ionyte into any beverage, including smoothies and juices. But, the premier use for Ionyte is to add to water.
Ionyte helps support healthy digestion, so you can take it with meals. It is important to add Ionyte to all your drinking water.

What are some other uses of Ionyte?
Ionyte can be used topically as well as internally. For best results use it “full strength” to help with soothing of cuts, burns, bruises, insect bites, sores, infections, skin blemishes, aches and pains. To help soothe rashes try a small area first. Swish it in the mouth to help soothe a toothache, abscess, or mouth sore. It is fantastic for pets of all kinds. It is a miracle for plants every time you water, (use 1 tablespoon per gallon of water). If watering a vegetable garden, only use it every 10 days. It is very safe, so use your imagination. For extra energy, you can also put it directly into your mouth and hold it for 2-5 minutes (under your tongue) before swallowing.

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